Summer Bullet Journal Spreads

This is how I feel like the year has gone so far:





It’s really quite awful considering there is literally nothing better than Summer in Chicago, and here we are already getting ready for Fall. Well, I mean right now I’m actually writing this post from the balcony of my hotel room in Barbados while watching the linen drapes and palm trees blow in the breeze as the pool water gently slaps the edge of the pool and the sounds of the Barbados whistling frogs echo in the background. So I guess I’m just chasing Summer and sunshine as long as I can, avoiding the change into the next season.

Anyway, I’ve been super behind on posting my monthly bullet journal spreads (and in blogging in general – but hey, there are NO rules here in my little corner of the internet). So this post is a quick catch up!


I only journaled one week in July. It was simple and basic but pretty and functional. I do tend to go for a more minimalistic bujo style anyway…


These monthly spreads, inspired by the iPhone calendar, really are a lifesaver!

Again, keeping the bujo super minimalistic. The white space leaves me TONS of room for to-do lists and notes throughout the week.

Work was a bit slow for me this week so I played around again with some lettering using this Harry Potter quote. My spacing is awful but at least my lettering has been improving!!


While I’m at it, I figure I can go ahead and show you how September has started. I did my monthly cover page and spread. I won’t do a weekly spread for the first week of the month since my week will just consist of sleeping, eating, drinking, dancing and reading by the pool in Barbados. Rough life, I know 🙂

This is the journal I have. I use a pencil (and ruler usually) first to draw everything out, and then I trace it over with a black pen. I’ve been using this Paper Mate Felt Tip Pen and this Sharpie Pen.

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