Why I Didn’t Shop the N-Sale This Year

For some people, we’re in the midst of the most wonderful time of the year. I’m not talking about Christmas but rather the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you follow any influencers on Instagram or Like.to.know.it, than you know exactly what I am talking about.

With today being the start of public access to the sale (yes Influencers and Nordstrom card holders get early access, but today eveeeeeryone else get’s to shop it) I wanted to share a few thoughts on why I *gasp* decided NOT to shop the sale this year.

Fast Fashion

Alright, let me just say I don’t at all support fast fashion. There are many reasons – a lot of them ethical – but I think in today’s world there is so much pressure to always look cute, or be stylish and keep up. If you look in my closet you would see that about 75% of it is filled with clothes I have owned for years. And if you look at my Instagram, I am constantly re-wearing the same things. Secrets out!!

Anyway, the point is that while you can definitely snag some great deals on top quality products during this sale, there is also a lot of, let’s say junk, that is cute, and trendy, and all over IG, and did you see that price?! and so we buy it. Just for it to get ruined the first time in the wash or just in time for it to be out of style. I just wasn’t here for that this year and it’s not how I want to spend my money.

Seasonal Challenges

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember me talking about trying to refine my work day style now that I’m in a – still casual, but not as casual as my last job – work environment. I will admit that all but two pairs of jeans I own are distressed, and once my boss (the CEO) commented on them I made a vow to myself to never wear distressed jeans to work again!

I feel like I’ve finally figured out how to navigate summer style, when it’s 70-80 degrees on your 15 minute walk to work, and then you sit in an AC blasted office for 8 hours, going outside for lunch just to warm up again. Who can relate?!

But as we head into Autumn and Fall Fashion, which is what most of the N-Sale items are, I’m still not sure what my “look” will be. Last Fall I wore jeans (ahem, distressed jeans) and big sweaters or cardigans with cute booties. But I legit haven’t worn jeans to work in MONTHS so honestly, I don’t know yet what I’ll need or want to wear as the weather and seasons transition which makes it pointless and difficult to shop now.

I do need a new pair of booties and had my eye on a pair from the sale. But they sold out 😦 This is one purchase I do need to make at some point however.

Staple Pieces

A few years ago I tried out a Capsule Wardrobe. If you’re not sure what that is, Google or Pinterest search it. I no longer do this day-to-day (mostly just for vacations), but it taught me that I really just need some basic, staple pieces to ground my wardrobe and my style. I keep this in mind when shopping, unless its for swimsuits haha #guiltypleasure, and try to invest in timeless, classic staples that will last.

Obviously I do buy things to keep me on trend and in style, but I try not to go too overboard on those pieces.

Back when I was unemployed I applied for a job at Trunk Club. I didn’t get the job, but as part of my research I signed up for their services and I actually love it. They have sent me some great stuff, ranging in price, but that are styles and types of clothing I asked for. It really takes the stress out of it all. Plus, they are owned by Nordstrom, so you KNOW that customer service is 100!

Here are some photos of the adorable romper I got in my last trunk, that I’ve worn twice now. Also, the views here didn’t suck.

So there you have it. The reasons I decided to sit out on the sale this year. I’m curious to know what you thought if you shopped and of any great deals you got, or just your thoughts about all of this in general! And if you do decide to check it out, Happy Shopping!!

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