Bullet Journal: June Spreads

This post is about a week late, but with the holiday and short work week last week, time just got away from me.

June was a fun month for my #bujo. I decided to do some themed weeks to that tied to what was going on in my life. New month, new themes, new lettering!

June is notoriously known as the birthday month in my family. Two of my brothers, my dad, my grandpa, my uncle and two of my cousins all have June birthdays, a few of them even on the same day.

The second week of June, I did a piano/music theme for my weekly spread. My two brothers, whose birthdays are the 10th and 13th are both musicians. My grandpa is also very musical and his birthday is the 11th, so the theme seemed fitting.

If you saw my last post about our long weekend in Colorado then you obviously know we spent a long weekend in Colorado recently 😜. That week, I went with a mountain themed spread and I was really proud of how it turned out.

The last week of June I just went pretty simple with my spread and I’m embarrassed to say that I actually didn’t use my journal at all the entire week. Whoops!

June flew by but it was such a great month! And so far, July is shaping up to be just as wonderful!

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