What to Wear to a Wedding

It may not officially feel like summer in Chicago yet, but there for sure is another season in full swing…Wedding Season!

For the last few years, my husband and I have been invited to about 5 weddings a year. We’re at that (or we were) stage in life where most of our friends are tying the knot, and then throw in all the family weddings and before you know it, you’re calling yourselves professional wedding guests! We’ve even taken our talents internationally, having attended two out of country weddings.

This year, we’ve only got ONE wedding on the calendar (gasp!) Could this be the end of an era for us??

As a self-proclaimed professional wedding guest, I know the perfect cry cues, absolutely kill it on the dance floor all night long with my husband (we’re usually the last ones there to shut down the party), and we always look 100%.

I may only have one wedding this summer but I did some window shopping this year and wanted to share some of my top picks for what to wear slash what I’d wear to weddings this season.

  1. I absolutely LOVE this dress! I wore it to the wedding we attended, that my husband was an Usher in, in Ireland last summer. It’s currently 50% off too! Definitely size up though because it does run small. For some reason the link above will not take you to this gorgeous blue color, but I promise it is on Nordstrom’s website!
  2. My best friend has this dress (and wore it to a wedding last year) and I am so obsessed with it. It comes in 9 colors, but one of them is white – hello brides! perfect for your bridal shower – so as a guest you’ve got 8 other color options.
  3. Rompers are definitely becoming more and more popular to wear to weddings. And why not? This one from Lulu’s is beautiful and super reasonably priced. My only concern (for me) would be about its dance-ability with the sleeves.
  4. Another romper from Lulu’s which is at a big higher price point than the last one, but I’m swooning over this lavender color! It come in 5 other colors too. This one get’s an A+ for dance-ability plus I love the halter.
  5. I picked this one because it’s gorgeous and just looks FUN!
  6. If you haven’t figure it out yet, I love lace and this is what I think of as the perfect cocktail dress. Plus the color is spot on for a fall wedding.
  7. Not photo’d but a classic LDB (little black dress) is always perfect for a wedding.

I’m also going to mention that if you’re going to a black tie wedding (my favorite) I always end up getting a Rent The Runway for those types of events. I’ve rented multiple times and have always had great success – perhaps I’ll do a post on that in the future!

Here are some photos from 4/5 weddings we went to in 2018. We were both in the fifth wedding. Apologies in advance on some of these – my phone was stolen during the months these were taken so the quality isn’t the best – one is legit from my IG story archive.

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