Bullet Journal: May Spreads

May absolutely FLEW by and was a pretty busy month for me! So much so, that I skipped an entire week of my journal : \

I did spend some time this month working on my lettering though, which was challenging and fun!

I think this month was the most minimalistic (I think I just made that word up) for me so far, not necessarily in terms of design but in terms of use, like the things I track. Like I mentioned last month, now that I’m walking 1.5 a day with my commute to work, with the exception of the April-May split week, I am no longer tracking my move goal. (Read about that here). In April I was also tracking/planning meals and when my plants needed to be watered. But as May progressed, busyness combined with lack of groceries in the house put a damper on the meal tracking and planning and I’ve settled into a good routine with the plants now so I don’t really NEED the reminder.

My monthly spread was inspired by iPhone calendar…take a look at your phone and you’ll see it. This worked out great for me and I already am using the layout for June. Since summer time is usually crazy busy and jam packed with events and activities, it’s nice to see it all laid out in one single snapshot.

I’m still having issues with my pens bleeding so to combat that I try and make sure there are blank pages in between my spreads and I use those for notes and to-do lists.

Here is my lettering practice: a new font and a fun quote! I found the quote and drew it out after the week I skipped. It’s the perfect reminder to do your best and not stress about things.

This is the journal I have. I use a pencil (and ruler usually) first to draw everything out, and then I trace it over with a black pen. I’ve been using this Paper Mate Felt Tip Pen and this Sharpie Pen.

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