Spring Home Tour

If you know me, you know I love all things home decor and interior decorating. I actually had a separate Instagram account for my house (@evergreendesigns_) for a few years to share my passion for decorating with the world. I’ve since decided to put that on pause (I say pause and not stop because there could be a chance some day I’ll start it back up) and incorporate more home posts on Kalforthewinski.

We live in a small apartment in Chicago and when we made our move from our home in the suburbs to the city it was a challenge for me to decide what was going to get packed away and what was going to come with us. I made some vision boards to help me visualize how our 3-bedroom home was going to fit in a 1-bedroom apartment which really helped, but what has also helped me keep our space fresh, inviting and inspiring is constantly moving and swapping things around.

So here is my first home tour. I’m not sure if it should be called a ‘Spring’ tour because our weather has been so crazy here lately, but oh well.

Also, links to a lot of the items we have in our house, and similar items can be found here!

Couch area

On the docket for this space is a new area rug and possibly another lamp. Our natural light is bomb but the rest of the lighting in our apartment isn’t great and at night it’s pretty dim. Our rug is pretty dirty so it either needs a good, professional clean or to be replaced. If we replace it, I haven’t decided yet what I want. Modern, traditional, bold colors, neutral colors. Every time I look at rugs online or in stores, I get SUPER overwhelmed and give up. I also think I want a larger plant/tree to put on the side of the TV.

Nook area

This is some bonus space we opted for that not all 1-beds have in our building. When we moved, I was mostly working from home so it was important to me to have a dedicated desk area. The bookcase has always served as bar area/china cabinet of sorts and the bottom is great for extra storage. My big basket sometimes has pillows in it, sometimes blankets, but right now it holds our fitness accessories – yoga mats, foam rollers, fitness bands. The little black cart (that I DIY’d) currently is serving as another little bar, but sometimes it’s a coffee station. Remember what I said about constantly moving things around?!


Not much to say about the kitchen. Fresh flowers can usually always be found in this space! I do want a new mat for under the sink and I found one at Bed Bath and Beyond that I’ll probably snag.


I’m 100% obsessed with our room. I always have been and I probably always will be. Our shoe shelves are great for both of our shoe addictions – if they don’t fit on the shelf then you don’t keep them. Basically we have to get rid of a pair before we can buy new ones. Above the shoes we have little baskets for hats, sunglasses and gym towels. I’ve been planning on getting new pulls for my husbands dresser/nightstand for yearssss but it hasn’t happened yet.

I took these photos last week and I can tell you I’ve already moved some things around so stay tuned for my Summer tour.

Thanks for stopping by!

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