Instagram Round Up

Hi friends! It’s been a few months now since I launched my blog and I am still getting settled and trying to figure this all out. I realized that while I’m using Instagram to promote my blog posts, I’m not using my blog to promote my Instagram posts! Basically, if you only follow me here, you’re not getting to see all of the other content I share on IG (except for that little side bar to the right).

Obviously I will encourage you to get on the Gram and check it out, but for those of you who aren’t on social media (no hate or disrespect at all!) I decided to start sharing my non-blog-post-related Instagram content monthly, here in a blog post, JUST for you! I’m thinking this will be a new mid-month series, but we’ll see.

Here’s what I have shared in the last month:

Monday B L U E S ⛪️ I was soo saddened to hear about the tragedy at Notre Dame today. My heart aches for Paris and for those all around the world who have witnessed the cathedral’s beauty. I am blessed to have been able to visit twice in my life. These photos are circa our trip to Paris in 2016.
Yesterday was a reminder of how fragile all that humankind has built in this world truly is. (Beautiful words of @baribravos) I’m no life expert, but my one piece of advice would be to TRAVEL and SEE THE WORLD! 🗺 If you could pack your bags and go somewhere tomorrow, where would it be??
This photos was in in my Timehop today from one year ago. A lot has changed in the last year but also a lot hasn’t. I still do my nails the exact same 💅🏼 and still love a red lip 💄
Similar Top
Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating today but really happy Palm Sunday to all my fellow Orthodox friends! 🌿 It’s a beautiful day in Chicago, so whatever you’re celebrating (even if it’s just another Sunday) try and get outside ☀️
Wore this romper yesterday to what we call “American Easter” with my husband’s family. It is soo comfy (literally feels like I’m wearing pjs), under $25 and comes in a few colors! Plus, it has pockets 🙌🏻
Last night’s date night was both aesthetically & appetite pleasing 🔱
“Not tonight.” ⚔️🐉🧟‍♂️🐺❄️🏰🔥
Mules Jeans Top
 I love the first day of the month! It’s a chance for a new beginning, new focus, and if you saw my story this morning, a new #bujo monthly spread! [Monthly bujo round up post coming soon] On the first of every month in Greece they say “Kalo Mina” (καλό μήνα) which literally translates to “good month”. It’s the Greek way of wishing others well, and a good month ahead. So today I’m sharing those well wishes with all of you!! 💕
“May the flowers remind us that the rain is necessary” 🌷 This is a very fitting quote to share today since it had been literal DAYS since we’d seen the sun in Chicago. With the rain letting up for the weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity to head to Michigan Ave and see all the tulips (if you’re local)!
Look up in a mirror like, “Damn, she the one” 👄 #Lizzo#soulmate #selflove #selfielove
Just me and my best buds 🌺🌿🌸
Jean Jacket
“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find.” Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mamas out there, but especially to mine!
Realized I have spent the last few weeks in black and this jean jacket & my feed and stories can attest to that. Actually, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I’m having a hard time brightening up my Spring wardrobe in general. The season transitions are always tricky for me! If you’re in a similar color-rut or are looking for a COMFY maxi, check out this one! This was my look on Mother’s Day and I was loving it! Also, I’m not kidding, it comes in about 27 different colors!! And now cue the meme “I like your dress. Thanks, it has pockets!”. 
Jean JacketDressMules

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