Bullet Journal: April Spreads

For the month of April I approached my bujo differently than I had the months prior. I started my journal at an interesting and transitional time of my life so perhaps April was the first month I actually used it with a purpose – I started my new job 4/1. Or maybe I’m just getting in the groove at this point, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

I started tracking different things last month, making my weekly spreads smaller and leaving more room for notes and to-do lists. The designs are always a hit or miss for me. Something can look great in my head and then once I transfer it to paper, I absolutely hate it. I had a bit of that in my April spreads.

So without further todo, here are my spreads.

minimalistic monthly spread

I went with a super minimalistic monthly spread. The ‘A’ was a challenge (maybe stencils are in my near future). The monthly spread pages typically have been fun for me because historically I rarely reference them. However, May’s looks very different compared to this. The further into April we got, I more I wished I had a wholistic view of the month. I guess that is part of the evolution of me coming into using my journal with purpose, for me.

This is the journal I have. I use a pencil (and ruler usually) first to draw everything out, and then I trace it over with a black pen. I’ve been using this Paper Mate Felt Tip Pen and this Sharpie Pen to experiment with page bleeding.

Some new ‘widgets’ if you will, that I added to my spreads were meal planning and watering my plants. Also, now that I walk 1.5 miles a day to and from work I doubt there will be a week that I don’t meet my 10 mile weekly move goal I set for 2019, so I may stop tracking that one. We’ll see.

I am still enjoying designing and drawing the spreads, I clearly use the journal throughout the week and I love that it’s an additional creative outlet for me.

Never stop doing what makes you happy!

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