Summer Home Tour

I’m going to start this post the same way I started my Spring Home Tour post because I have some new followers that I may not have read that post and because all of it still stands true. If you know me, you know I love all things home decor and interior decorating. I actually had a separate Instagram account for my house (@evergreendesigns_) for a few years to share my passion for decorating with the world. I’ve since decided to put that on pause (I say pause and not stop because there could be a chance some day I’ll start it back up) and incorporate more home posts on Kalforthewinski.

We live in a small apartment in Chicago and when we made our move from our home in the suburbs to the city it was a challenge for me to decide what was going to get packed away and what was going to come with us. I made some vision boards to help me visualize how our 3-bedroom home was going to fit in a 1-bedroom apartment which really helped, but what has also helped me keep our space fresh, inviting and inspiring is constantly moving and swapping things around.

I feel like I blinked and Summer was gone. But before I get fully into Fall mode and start buying the mums and pumpkins, I wanted to share a Summer home tour!

Also, links to a lot of the items we have in our house, and similar items can be found here!

Couch area

In my Spring Home Tour post, I talked about that fact that I was on the hunt for a new rug for this space. Well, introducing our new, old rug!!

When we moved out of our house in the burbs to our apartment in the city, we had hired one of Eddie’s friends whose family owns a carpet cleaning business to come pick up our massive (8.5 X 11), beautiful, borrowed-from-my-mom, Karastan oriental rug to give it a clean. We didn’t think we would want it downtown and the plan was to just keep it in storage with the rest of our things that didn’t make the move after it was cleaned, but it ended up sitting in a warehouse at our friend’s business for about a year and a half. Since we decided it was finally time to pick it up (thanks for the free storage, Dean!) we made the call to bring it to the city versus putting it back in storage.

The blanket ladder that used to be to the left of the TV has moved and in it’s place is my palm. Next to the couch is my large basket that used to hold yoga mats and gym accessories but now just has some extra pillows in it. Oh, and my coffee table decor is ALWAYS changing!

I didn’t think it would, but the rug change really makes a huge change to the feel of the space. I love how much more cozy it is now!

Nook area

Remember in my last home tour post, I explained that when when we moved, I was mostly working from home so it was important to me to have a dedicated desk area. This is some bonus space we opted for that not all 1-beds have in our building. The bookcase has always served as bar area/china cabinet of sorts and the bottom is great for extra storage. Because it’s summer, the golf clubs live here for easy access until golf season ends. They aren’t the prettiest, but at least they are tucked away, sort of out of sight.


I pulled the trigger on a new mat for under the sink that I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Otherwise, not much to say about the kitchen.


The biggest change in our bedroom is that I swapped the giant mirror and the three pieces of art. I also brought my hats out of the closet and hung them using command hooks to balance out the mirror since it’s not completely centered in between the windows. Practical hat storage and it matches the aesthetic!


When it’s nice out we have some bonus square footage to enjoy: our balcony! I spend time out here drinking either my coffee or my wine, reading, chatting and recently watching a gnarly lightning storm!

Thanks for stopping by!

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