Welcome to Kal for the WIN ski!

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Alright. So here it is! I’m finally taking the plunge and starting a blog. I know, how so very basic and millennial of me (insert eye roll). But you know what, I don’t care and I am doing it anyway! I’ll start off by saying thank you for being here and reading this, your support already means the world to me. My hope is that you’ll want to continue to follow me but if you decide this isn’t your “thing”, no worries.

Okay, so what is this “thing” exactly? I’m calling it a lifestyle blog mostly just because that’s the term these days. But honestly, I hope to treat this as a hobby and plan to share more information about my life, my home, my clothes, my workouts, my social life and my travels that my current Instagram followers already show interest in. I just want to share my everyday life and keep my blog and Instagram as authentic and real as possible. Listen guys, I feel it too. We are all constantly influenced on IG all day by all of these amazing boss babes sharing adorable outfits and great sales, and I have nothing against them at all! But that is just not what I’m going for. I definitely do not consider myself an influencer, but instead just a social and likable person who in turn has been confided in by friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers about so many topics which has lead to me create this blog. My ultimate goal is to inspire people and I think that can come in so many forms, as I’ve already witnessed. I am here to share my life and and I hope that you find some version of inspiration in that.

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Getting Here and My Challenges

For those of you that don’t know, a few years ago I started a second Instagram account for my home where I, for the most part, only shared home decor photos. Ever since I started that account I had many conversations with myself and with tons of friends and family about potentially starting a blog. I just wasn’t sure though. My biggest challenges were that:

1. I didn’t have a name for it

2. I didn’t want it to just be confided to home decor

3. It was super difficult maintaining two Instagram accounts and keeping them both authentic, but I wasn’t sure which one to ditch and which to use to just run with it

4. I was skeptical of myself being actually able to do this

Now is the Time

Some of you may also know that I am currently between jobs (#funemployed) and have a lot of time on my hands which I saw as the perfect opportunity to launch this “thing”. The support from friends is stronger now than it has ever been too. I recently met a group of amazing women in Chicago (shoutout to my Bumble ladies!) who gave me a big push one night at dinner and ever since then it just seemed like things were lining up and that now was the right time.

But honestly, what really gave me the momentum was advice I gave my mother in law not too long ago. She is also wanting to start a blog and is actually facing pretty similar challenges that discouraged me not that long ago. Ultimately, I told her she just needs to go for it, plain and simple. Then I realized I can’t give that advice if I can’t practice what I preach. So, a few days after that conversation I purchased my URL.

So here it is, the official launch of my blog, Kal for the WIN ski. You can follow me on Instagram or by subscribing by email to the blog. You can also follow me in the liketoknow.it app to shop some of the items in my posts. I’m thrilled, excited, a bit nervous, but mostly just ready to give it a go and see what happens!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Kal for the WIN ski!

  1. Loved reading this! Your blog is going to be amazing because you are so real! Proud to be one of your bumble ladies and we’ll always be here to cheer you on!!


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