My Favorite Places to Shop Home Decor

Decorating your home is an ongoing activity, at least for me. I never feel “done” with a space, even in our apartment. I frequently move things around to keep the space fresh. Whether that is restyling the book shelf, the coffee table, my desk, the island centerpiece, our nightstands or just swapping out the throw pillows, I am a big fan of changing things up. I guess it is also sort of a creative outlet for me too.

I want to share some of my favorite places to buy home decor accessories that give our home it’s character and style.


I am sure you could have guessed that one! HomeGoods is my favorite place to find trendy, affordable and unique home accessories. I know that any time I purchase something from Home Goods that there is a very slight chance anyone I know will have that same piece and I love that uniqueness factor! HomeGoods is also my go to place for style inspiration. I can spend hours just walking the aisles, purchasing nothing but still going home with all sorts of new ideas. Most of the accessories I have are all from HomeGoods.


I don’t think anyone can disagree that Target is just the best! I’m biased because I worked there for five years during high school and college, but it really is a magical place, even at the end of an 8 hour shift 🙂 There is not much explaining to do here. Our home has a wide range of Target finds in it because it is usually the first place I go to if I am looking for something specific. Like my desk, or our bar stools. I knew I could find exactly what I was envisioning and bonus points, I saved 5% with my RedCard. Basically, you just can’t go wrong at Target!


You may be surprised to hear that a lot of what we have around our house is from Ikea despite the fact that our style isn’t the typical Scandinavian minimalism that comes to mind when you think of the store. Our nightstands were a Rast hack that was a project of mine when we first moved in together. I couldn’t find anything I liked in our budget at the time in any stores so we put these together and I painted them (we have matching nightstands but the other one is located in the hall by our bathroom). Our lamps, area rug and many throw pillows are also from Ikea. Side note, their pillow inserts are the best!

There are so many other places I love to shop for things around the house, so this is not a complete list of my favorites. But chances are if you come over and ask me where something is from, there is a high probability of it being one of these three stores.

Download the app and follow me (@kalforthewinski) to find shop-able links to the items in the photos from this post!

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