2019 Goals & Progress

A Quarter Way There

We are days away from the end of the month which might not signify much, but it does mean we are a quarter of the way through 2019. I’m using this opportunity to share what goals I set for myself for 2019 and the progress I’ve made towards them so far. I feel that the first few months of the year are crucial because they set the tone for the rest of the year and can either be instrumental or detrimental to accomplishing your goals. Of course, having some sort of accountability is super important when goal setting. Through various tactics of holding myself accountable, I’m happy with where I am in regards to my goals at this point in the year and know I am going to crush them all!

My 2019 Goals

  1. Read (at least) 12 books
  2. Clock 10 miles a week moving – running & walking
  3. Run a 5k race
  4. Visit 2 new states
  5. Visit 1 new country
  6. Take some ballet/dance classes
  7. Save money


So, how am I doing? I think overall I am making good progress and that I am on a pretty good track to accomplish all by the end of the year. Here is a quick update:

  1. Read (at least) 12 books – I’ve read two books and am currently on my third. I should finish it by the end of March and I’ll be right on track. I used to despise reading growing up and have slowly gotten into it as I have gotten older. To some, this goal may seem like a breeze, but for me it is still a bit of a challenge. I do enjoy listening to audiobooks, but tracking this goal only refers to paper (or electronic) books.
  2. Clock 10 miles a week moving – running & walking – This was a reach goal but I’d say for the most part I am doing really well. My move goal (what I call it) is something that I track weekly in my bullet journal. Some weeks I have knocked it out of the park (Arizona & Shamrock Shuffle) and other weeks it’s a challenge to accomplish. But the most important part is that I hold myself accountable via my journaling, and if I don’t hit 10 miles at least I am still being active in trying to get there.
  3. Run a 5k race – This past weekend, Eddie and I along with my brother-in-law, Donny, and his girlfriend, Jill, ran the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle. Donny and Jill ran it last year and encouraged us to run it with them this year. They gave me the perfect opportunity to accomplish this goal!
  4. Visit 2 new states – I’m half way there. In February Eddie and I went to Arizona, you can read more about that trip in this post. While nothing is planned yet, we’re thinking a trip to Colorado is in the books for this year which would be a new state for both of us. Stay tuned on this one!
  5. Visit 1 new country – Stay tuned on this one too!
  6. Take some ballet/dance classes – Done! I’ve gone to two ballet classes at the Joffrey so far this year, and plan to continue to do so throughout the rest of the year. I am so overjoyed to make dancing a priority again in my life.
  7. Save money – This one has been a bit rocky as I’ve been unemployed for almost a month now, but I developed a savings plan for us for the remainder of the year and I am still hopeful we can hit the $ goal we set for ourselves by December.

# 3 and the Shamrock Shuffle

Since the only goal I am able to fully check off my list so far is #3. Run a 5k race, I wanted to share some photos from that experience.

I guess I sort of overachieved the goal since this race was an 8k, not a 5k. It was actually my longest race, and I’m 99% sure the longest distance I have EVER ran. I used goal #2. Clock 10 miles a week moving as a way to help sort of train for the race, if you want to call it that, and in the end I was super pleased with my time (45:15). The free beer at the finish line wasn’t bad either. And no, 10 am is NOT too early for a beer, especially after running 5 miles. Overall, it was a great experience and so fun to do with family- we’ve decided to make an annual tradition out of it!

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