kb Interiors: Transitional Room

As I sat down to write this post I decided to name this project the Transitional Room. Yes, because we went a transitional route with the design but the name actually is a nod to the space itself.

My client came to me needing help transforming the room into a functional space for their entire family. Located essentially in the center of the home, directly off the kitchen and living spaces, our goal was for my client to be able to look at this room from every vantage point and 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 it.

The Space

Over the years, the space has served a multitude of purposes, constantly changing through all of life’s transitions. It started as a play room with toys, trains, castles, and a wall mounted TV. As the children grew up, it then turned to a homework room, home to an oversized rustic table which no one ever really used for homework. At one point in time there was also a huge monitor and CPU on & under the table which was a huge eyesore and also rarely used. Most recently the space has been home to the dog crate and feeder.

Here is what it looked like when I went to see the space for myself. It’s obvious my client was stumped on how to not only decorate the space, but also use it. Of course I love to make things beautiful, but function is always the most important.

The Design

My first thought after seeing the space was to turn it into a more sophisticated cocktail lounge. These are some of the inspo photos I sent the client to set the tone for the design, which really got her excited!

As I started to get my hands dirty sourcing for products and curating a design, I decided it would be special to incorporate the client’s Great-Great-Grandmother’s hoosier cabinet which was already there. This slightly impacted the layout to only allow for two chairs rather than four, but worth it in my opinion, to get to include such a beautiful and meaningful piece.

I also was leaning towards a round rug, but the fact that the client already had a Ruggable pad made it an easy decision to call for the same size. This helped keep the project budget on track.

My client chose my E-Design Service package which includes one revision. The first version included a different artwork option but we decided to change it to something the entire family would enjoy. It was the client’s children that suggested The Rat Pack, and I just love it! This was the final design board, and the initial mock-up presented to the client.

The Reveal

My client wasted no time at all shopping and ordering the products I sourced. It was no time before I was being sent update photos. The reveal:

Overall, we really only made a few minor changes, but all of them combined made a big impact and I love the joy and excitement I was able to bring to my client. We’ve transformed the space into a place you actually want to spend time in, and it does really look great from event vantage point. Mission accomplished! I’m also excited to see it around the holidays when the Christmas tree goes up in the window corner. My client is already working on the second space I designed for her, so stay tuned for that project update soon!

If you’re interested in shopping any of the products sourced on this project, you can find them here.

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