kb Interiors: Boho Abode

I loved how this ‘Boho Abode’ project turned out! This was honestly such a fun and beautiful project, and despite the fact that the space ended up not being very boho, I decided not to change the name.

This is my client’s first house and I wanted to make sure we decorated it to really feel like her dream home. The space was beautiful even when empty and clearly had so much potential! The natural light through that sliding door is just glorious, the rich dark floors add contrast and in the right corner, there’s a lovely fireplace. The entire space opens to a gorgeous kitchen which is very contemporary in style so while the two rooms are separate, it was important that they still ‘talked’ to each other.

My client originally wanted the space to feel boho-glam so I took notes, stalked her Pinterest inspo boards and got to work.

The Design

I presented my client with this mood board and then started the first set of room renders.

Room Renders

After the initial design was presented my client reviewed it and we discussed her feedback together. She LOVED the gold accents, the pink chair, book shelf and nesting coffee tables and she wasn’t crazy about all the natural wood.

It’s my goal to ensure my clients are happy and that together we are curating a space that feels like home for them.

While my client thought she wanted boho influences in the space, a lot of my boho design choices just didn’t feel right to her. I took all of her revisions into consideration and altered the design.

By the time we got to the third revision, my client realized she was definitely more of a glam girl and not a boho girl, no matter how hard she wanted to be. We kept a few of her favorite pieces from the design and picked out some new ones to really fit her style and the space. Like I mentioned earlier, she LOVED all the gold and glam pieces!

My client hired me for my Full Design Services package which includes three design revisions. After review and much deliberations about every detail, I presented her with the third and final design renders.

Y’all I think we really nailed it here. We altered the floor plan just a bit to make sure the space functioned well. She got her cozy corner with the pink chair and all the glam she envisioned. In the end, my client learned a lot and now feels like she has a clear vision of the space. She is still sourcing some products, and knows I’m always here to offer thoughts and opinions.

The reveal:

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