Bullet Journal: March Spreads

This year I started using a bullet journal. I’ve always had a notebook of sorts, but I historically just used to to make lists or jot down notes both at home and at work. I wanted to try something a bit more structured this year but still wanted to control how it functioned so that it worked specifically for my needs. There are definitely some major swoon-worthy planners out there, but I never felt that they “fit” me. I’ve seen some friends on Instagram use a bujo (that’s what they call it for short) and I immediately knew this was something I had to try.

I love the freedom of the bujo, the fact that you can design it however you want and create whatever you want. I understand that for some, that may be a bit intimidating. But I love it and feel that it is a perfect creative outlet for me as well.

This is the journal I have. I use a pencil (and ruler usually) first to draw everything out, and then I trace it over with a black pen. I’ve been using this Paper Mate Felt Tip Pen and this Sharpie Pen to experiment with page bleeding.

Here are my March weekly spreads.

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