About Me

Kalli Bravos Olewinski

Hi, my name is Kalli (like California, with a K…and two L’s). I usually introduce myself like that so people know how to pronounce my name but typically then they won’t forget it either. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! If you’re reading this, you’re interested in learning more about me or you know me and want to find out what I have to say about myself.

So let’s start at the beginning. I was born and raised in St. Charles, IL and absolutely love my hometown and area. I graduated from Northern Illinois University and am a proud Sigma Sigma Sigma alum. After getting married and buying a house in really the only place I’ve ever lived besides college, I convinced my husband, Eddie, to pack up our little suburban life and move our family (no kids, just a pup) to the city to fulfill my lifelong dream of living in Chicago. We absolutely LOVE city life and are so happy we decided to take the leap and make it happen! I guess I’m mostly thrilled I was finally able to convince Eddie and he is glad I was actually right about this little adventure.

I was going to start this sentence by saying “In my free time” but then I realized that in my free time I like to do absolutely nothing and that rarely happens. So when I am not at work you can find me working out, going for walks around Chicago, Netflix binging, getting overly invested in every HGTV episode I catch, spending time with my family, traveling, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, enjoying adult beverages with friends or at home with Eddie, scrolling through Instagram, reading, bullet journaling, taking ballet classes when I can, or eating Chipotle.

Like the majority of my friends, I was the most cliche version of a girl growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I still don’t consider myself as an “influencer” but what I realized is that I am a social and likable person and because of that my friends, family and acquaintances (through the powers of social media) have turned to me for suggestions whether it be fashion, home decor, fitness, skincare or travel related and I absolutely love that!

Thanks for being here and supporting me. My ultimate goal is to inspire people and I think that can come in so many forms, as I’ve already witnessed without having a dedicated platform to do so. I am here to share my life and and I hope that you find some version of inspiration in that.

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