A Very Delayed Lollapalooza Post

Lolla weekend in Chicago, some people love it and some people hate it.

You can count me on the list of people who love it. At least for now.

Also, sorry this post is so delayed – I actually wrote it weeks ago but forgot to post it : \

I went to Lollapalooza for one day last summer with some friends and knew I had to go back this year AND for more than just one day. There was a lot of hate talk about the festival when the line up came out but I was still set on going anyway.

Recently I’ve put a lot of thought into figuring out what I value most in life and close to the top of that list is experiences. As much as I hate to admit it, money and material things used to be high on my list, and I am sure I’m not the only one in that. I reflect on my life and my most cherished memories and know that the most important things in life are people. So, I’m here for that.

We had some friends going to Lolla on Saturday and my younger brothers were going on Friday, so we decided to get the 4-day pass and make some memories with some of the best people we know. I did some price comparison, put together a spreadsheet (nerd alert) and decided the 4-day pass was the way to go vs buying separate Friday and Saturday tickets for me and Eddie.


Since we had the 4-day passes and we didn’t have much going on Thursday night, we actually decided to hit up the festival on night one to give Eddie a taste before the main course since it was his first Lolla. We met up with our friend Danny, somehow managed to get into the Tito’s lounge and got to see the Chainsmokers. The highlight was realizing there is a Columbus Street entrance which really helped us out the rest of the weekend. Eddie and I decided it would be fun to run the mile home… it must have been the Tito’s. I was wearing jeans, Vans and my hair was down (and LONG at the time), so that was real fun. #stillhaveblisters


Honestly, I’m not kidding when I said I was just there for the experience. With the exception of Lil Wayne on Saturday, I really didn’t know who was playing nor did I care who I saw. My friend Michelle decided last minute to get a ticket for Friday and come with us and we arrived just in time for Maggie Rogers. She was amazing! After that set we linked up with my brothers, ran into Michelle’s friend and had ourselves quite the crew. From there we went to see Janelle Monae who was just absolutely phenomenal!!!! I seriously haven’t stopped listening to her and am legit upset it took me this long to discover her. Incredible! After grabbing some food we caught a glimps of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino and then saw the tail end of Tame Impala. We all had such a great time!


My friend Shaena from the Worth Agency invited me to the Bed Head pre-Lolla party just around the corner from my house. Eddie and I went and were blown away by how awesome of an event it was. We got some free drinks, took some Bed Head products home, I shopped the E3 collection and after Eddie left I got my hair done. Space buns FTW!

The rest of the day was nothing short of amazing. We saw Loud Luxury, Lil Wayne, and bit of 21 Pilots, shared many drinks and laughs with friends, and made some pretty great memories.

Thanks Lolla, see you 2020!

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